How to Dress for a Football Game

Ambebi.Press - How to Dress for a Football Game

A die-hard football fan will never leave the stands, so dress for warmth and comfort and be prepared for any kind of weather.

1. Check the evening weather on the Weather Channel or your local station.

2. Wear comfortable, layered clothing so that you can add an item if you are too cool or remove something if you’re too warm.

3. Don’t forget your sunglasses, ball cap and sunscreen if it’s a sunny, warm day.

4. Wear something with deep pockets – or a fanny pack – to keep your money in.

5. Take a small backpack if the weather is looking iffy. Include gloves, a rain poncho, an umbrella or a large trash bag to put over your head if it rains.

6. Wear comfortable shoes for hiking to your seat and standing in lines.

7. Take binoculars for a close-up view of the action.

8. Wear your team’s colors or have the team’s mascot painted on your face.

Take extra trash bags. In case of rain, your friends will be glad you did.

Some ballparks have strict rules about what can be brought in. Check before bringing glass bottles, alcoholic beverages or coolers.

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