How to Improve Your Balance for Skiing

Ambebi.Press - How to Improve Your Balance for Skiing

In-line skating helps you refine your balance and also take the “intermediate skid” out of your skiing turns.

1. Find a traffic-free stretch of pavement that is flat or has a very gentle grade.

2. Set up a short slalom course using upside-down plastic containers or even mini-traffic cones in a straight line, 10 to 12 feet apart.

3. Wear supportive in-line skates, helmet, knee and elbow pads, and in-line skating gloves with built-in wrist guards.

4. At a moderate speed, pass the cups or cones alternately on the left and right. If the course is flat, take small gliding steps around the arc of your turns; if it is on a grade, you can “ski” it.

5. Keep your weight centered, your torso facing your direction of travel and your knees slightly and athletically flexed as you skate the course, linking your turns as you would in skiing.

* Focus on the feeling of making these turns from the sides of the skate wheels and visualize a similar, non-skidding movement.

* Keep all four wheels of each skate on the ground throughout each turn.

* Look ahead at least half a turn to anticipate your move.

* When you are comfortable doing this balance exercise, you can even add ski poles to synchronize your pole-plant timing with your turns.

* Be comfortable using in-line skates before attempting this exercise.

* Be sure to use protective wear while in-lie skating.

* Keep your speed under control, especially if you are skating on a mild grade.

* You don’t need to get close to the cups or cones as you would on a skiing slalom course, but concentrate on make full rounded turns.

* Watch out for leaves, cracks in the pavement or small stones which could trip you up.

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