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How to Perform Proper Step Technique

Step aerobics is a terrific and low-impact way to burn fat and get fit; here are some ways to make those first few classes a little less intimidating.

1. Stand directly behind the platform; relax your neck and shoulders.

2. Maintain good posture, with shoulders, chest and ribs stacked on top of one another. (Image 1)

3. Make sure you don’t arch your back.

4. Lean from the ankles as you step onto the platform. Don’t lean forward at the waist or round your back.

5. Ensure that the whole foot lands on the platform each time; the heel should not hang off the edge. (Image 2)

6. Step quietly and keep an eye on the bench.

7. Keep the knees soft; don’t lock the knees when you straighten the leg. (Image 3)

8. Start with a basic march, right leg up, left leg up, right leg down, left leg down. Switch lead legs periodically. (Image 4)

9. Return to the basic march if the choreography becomes confusing.

10. Roll from the ball of the foot to the heel as you step off the platform. (On repeater moves or lunges, only the ball of the foot touches.)

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Leave out arm moves until you are comfortable with the feet.

Beginners should use a 4-inch or 6-inch platform.

Start with a basic step class or beginner video.

Keep the floor area around the bench clear and dry.

Everyone was new at one time, so don’t be discouraged.

No one is watching you; they are looking at themselves or the instructor.

Tell the instructor you are new to step aerobics.

Keep smiling and know that it will get easier with every workout.

Please consult a physician before engaging in strenuous physical activity.

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