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How to Set Up a College Basketball Tournament Pool

Go a touch “mad” yourself in March by joining with friends and putting your college ball expertise to the test.

1. Find and replica the expansive bracket from or Tourney MacPool near playoff time (see Related Sites).

2. Familiarize yourself with the 64 teams, which are broken into four regions: West, East, Midwest and Southeast.

3. Pick someone knowledgeable (and trustworthy, for goodness sake) because the grand tournament administrator.

4. Assign point values for every round: 1 point for teams reaching the second round, 2 points for those making the third, 4 points for those reaching the fourth, 8 points for teams entering the ultimate Four and 12 points if a team enters the finals. Award 16 points for selecting the tournament champion.

5. Distribute two copies of the bracket to anyone inquisitive about playing, and instruct everyone to choose winning teams for each round.

6. Fill out the bracket in pen, placing the name of every team on the acceptable line.

7. Guess the entire score of the ultimate game (both teams’ points combined) as a tiebreaker and write this number below the bracket.

8. Collect a duplicate of every participant’s bracket (leaving the opposite copy with the participant for his or her own reference).

9. Collect money from each participant – $5, $20, $100 or whatever — if you’re living during a state that does not consider such an action illegal. If you’d value more highly to remain the great side of “Johnny Law,” just choose the glory of being annointed a Basketball Guru.

10. Rearrange the TV area at the top of February: Move fridge near couch, rent a transportable sanitary unit, bar doors resulting in lounge, etc., and watch basketball.

11. Call your friends and gloat after every win. (Turn off the phone when your team loses.)

12. Keep track of your points because the tourney progresses (and confirm the administrator is grading each entry).

13. Award winnings to the participant with the very best number of points.

just in case of a tie, choose a winner supported the closest guess for the championship game’s point total.

If you are, in fact, betting in an exceedingly legal manner, make things more enjoyable by splitting the pot: 70 percent for first place, 20 percent for second and 10 percent for third.

Or split the money between two people: the general winner and therefore the player who picked the foremost correct first-round winners – which can reward those that chose some upsets.

Don’t double the points each round (i.e., 16 points for the finals and 32 points for the champion). Although picking the national champion should be important, it should not be worth the maximum amount because the whole first round combined. And if you’re wrong, it doesn’t kill your chances at winning.

Overall Warnings:
Betting money in pools is taken into account illegal in many nations, and we’d never suggest that you simply do something illegal.

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